Welcome to High Voltage Nutrition. We are the importers and distributors for Trace Minerals Research products from the USA.  After many years in the health industry we concluded there was a significant gap in the sports nutrition industry and set out to find a product that focused on both performance and health. We found Trace Minerals Research. Not only were the sports nutrition products fabulous - so were the general supplements!  With all products containing the Ionic Minerals from the Great Salt Lake the quality and availability of important nutrients is greatly enhanced.

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Our products offers a variety of healthy options including gluten free, organic, vegan, certified as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) and manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) for those who are truly focused on good health, good fitness and good performance. Our range caters to all levels of health and fitness from general health, detoxing and weight loss to high performance endurance athletics. The products are designed for improved cellular energy production and hydration.

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